Oxford Physics

Virtual Laboratory : Fourier Spectrometer

Our Fourier spectrometer is used to measure the infrared spectra of semiconductor superlattices and nanostructures in the wavelength range from 2 to 500 micrometers. Special cryostats are able to study the infrared spectra in samples at temperatures down to 300mK and in magnetic fields up to 14 Teslas.

We are currently studying the cyclotron resonance of electron-hole systems looking for evidence of Coulomb interactions and possible Bose-Einstein condensation.

Our Fourier Spectrometer is connected up to a 14T superconducting magnet. All of the d ata collection is automated.

The Fourier spectrometer and 14T magnet

The principles of Fourier spectroscopy are shown below, use the mouse to find out what options are available for the source, beam splitter and detector. Click here for more techincal drawings of the system and inserts.